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Direct Consultation with Children

Involving Children and Young People

Research shows that children whose parents are separating or divorcing often feel that their opinions are not being heard about the decisions being made about their future. Whilst children want parents to make the decisions they want things to be explained to them and to have a chance to explain how they feel. Even very young children can be surprisingly perceptive about the situation in their family.

Children can also feel caught between their parents, afraid to say what they really feel for fear of upsetting a parent.

FAME offers a "Direct Consultation with Children" service for parents involved in mediation. The children meet with the mediator either singly or together depending on age and circumstances. Through a mixture of activities and discussion the child is given the opportunity to talk to someone who isn’t part of the family. It is explained to the child that the Mediator will only report back to their parents any information the child has agreed to.

The Effects of Divorce and Parental Separation on Children

A basic guide for parents to enable you to minimise the effects of parental separation on your children

Separation/divorce is usually a painful and difficult time of change. Rather than an event, it is a process that family members can learn to cope with and survive.

For children, research shows that it is the level of on-going conflict more than the actual separation that causes long term emotional damage.

This section offers basic guidance to parents to enable them to minimise the effects on their children and to continue as caring parents.

Family breakdown affects everyone. Children can be helped to cope if those around them offer sensitive advice and support.

What do we say to our children?

How will they feel?

What can we do?

How will they cope?

Your Mediator will be able to discuss any of these issues with you and help you plan how you can lessen the effects of relationship breakdown for your children.

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