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Family Consultant Services

Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law is a new way of working where divorcing or separating couples have the support of their own solicitor when negotiating arrangements but without going to court. The aim is to resolve disputes “round a table” rather than through the often expensive and long drawn out traditional legal processes.

Each person has their own, specially trained, collaborative lawyer and a series of meetings are held to discuss the issues and to decide on solutions to the particular issues in dispute.

Sometimes other professionals may be included in the process where specialist expertise is needed for example a financial advisor or “Family Consultant”.

For more information about Collaborative law in Nottinghamshire go to Nottingham Collaborative Law website

FAME’s Family Consultant Service

A Family Consultant is a professional who works with people who are separating or divorcing and with the solicitors advising them.

Separating from a partner or spouse is likely to be traumatic, whatever the circumstances. The emotional impact affects people in different ways –

All these responses will impact on individuals being able to collaborate successfully.

Addressing such issues with a Family Consultant before or during the process can result in people making best use of Collaborative Law. It will also be cost effective as these issues, if addressed, are less likely to “spill over” into the negotiations and affect the length and the cost of these meetings.

Family Consultants can work flexibly according to the needs of a particular situation:

Family Consultants can support parents to prepare child(ren) for the imminent separation or they can discuss how to best help the children adjust to the changes in their lives. They are experienced in communicating with children and can see children on their own if this is appropriate. Such a meeting with someone outside the family unit can give children a chance to get things off their chest without fear of upsetting either parent.

Family Consultants work alongside the legal team to help make the best use of the Collaborative Law process and reach a successful settlement out of court.

Profile of one of our Family Consultants

Deirdre has been a family mediator for over ten years and also has extensive previous experience with children's issues as a social worker specialising in Adoption, Fostering and Child Protection. Deirdre is skilled in enabling disputing parents to work through their negative feelings about their separation/divorce in order to work together for the good of their children. She can focus on parenting issues that will help parents function as separate but loving parents. Deirdre can also work directly with children and young people to involve them in the process when this is appropriate.