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Separated Parenting Information Programme

This is a course written specifically for contact activity orders. Both parents attend but not together. It is designed to help parents understand the impact of ongoing parental conflict on their children and to provide advice and support about how to reduce it. The needs of children are central to the course, though sources of support and practical information to help parents are included.

The course is designed in four one hour modules usually delivered in two hour sessions on two separate occasions, often to a small group possibly individually.

  1. The Divorce/Separation Process
  2. Children & Separation/Divorce
  3. Communication
  4. The Emotional Impact of Separation/Divorce ­Moving Forward

Parents will be able to consider where they are in their own "Separation/Divorce Journey" and what that journey has been like so far. They will see a powerful video made by young people which dramatises the effect of parental conflict on children in an "ordinary" family. This raises key issues for discussion and parents will go on to consider the needs of children in separating families and identify problems specific to their own situation. Time is spent looking at ways of improving communication, with children and with ex partners. Finally parents will consider the emotional aspects of separation and loss. They consider how they can move forward and identify their sources of support.

FAME will only report back to the Court about attendance on the programme and will not make any assessment of parties’ responses.

Costs of the Parenting Programme

From April 1st 2010 costs for the Parenting Information Programme will be met centrally. Clients will not be charged for the programme whatever their income or eligibility for public funding.

Professionals - Making a referral

As they are ordered by a court Contact Activities referrals must be accompanied by court information and a copy of the court order.

Referral forms to FAME are available for Mediation Information Meetings and for the Parenting Programme (a separate form for each activity). These should be completed by a professional (CAFCASS officer, solicitor, court official). These forms should be available at Nottingham County and Magistrates Courts, via CAFCASS officers or by clicking below.

Make a referral to the Parenting Information Programme